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Why should you be using borehole images?

Borehole image logs deliver important data to reduce uncertainty about your reservoirs

They can give you:

  • Information on structural dips and dip changes, either related to folding, faulting, unconformities or gravity sliding (unstable slopes)
  • The precise depths or locations of seismic and sub-seismic faults
  • High resolution details of sedimentary textures, structures and paleo current directions significantly improving sedimentary models
  • Qualitative and quantitative information on fractures and faults and their possible influence on fluid flow (flow paths, impairment, seal integrity)
  • Information on the present day stress regime helping in the assessment of risk of borehole damage, possible presence of critically stressed fractures (improving reservoir performance) and deciding on the optimal orientation of horizontal wells to intersect open fracture networks or for hydraulic fracturing

This information is essential for reducing exploration risk and for efficient reservoir development

Our studies include (and are not limited to):

  • Borehole image log data QC and processing
  • Standard single well image log interpretations
  • Sedimentological modeling and sequence analysis
  • Calibration and integration with core descriptions
  • Fracture and fault description and analysis
  • Advanced stress analysis for geomechanical application
  • Integrated studies in association with third parties

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