What we do

Montsec Geoscience is a provider of high-quality borehole image log interpretation services. Image log data from most if not all standard industry wireline and LWD logging tools and borehole (mud) environments can be processed and/or interpreted.

Montsec Geoscience offers money saving and acquisition company independent quality control and data analysis.
Our studies include (and are not limited to):

  • Image log data QC and Processing
  • Standard single well image log interpretations
  • Sedimentological modeling and sequence analysis
  • Calibration and integration with core descriptions
  • Fracture and fault description and analysis
  • Advanced stress analysis for geomechanical application
  • Integrated studies in association with third parties

Analyses and interpretations are performed by a skilled geologist with 25+ years of experience in reservoir studies in the E & P industry.