Standard interpretation

This service includes the following topics:

  • Structural dip analysis
  • Stratigraphic/sedimentological analysis
  • Fracture/fault identification and analysis
  • Stress orientation from breakouts, drilling induced fractures, borehole shape

Structural Dip Analysis

By manually picking a representative number of dips of initially flat-lying sedimentary surfaces and plotting and analyzing these in stereo nets, azimuth vector plots, cumulative dip plots, and tadpole/scat plots, the logged interval may be subdivided into structural dip domains based on systematic differences in bedding attitudes and the underlying geological causes are interpreted, e.g. unconformities, major faults passing through the well trajectory (including possible drag folding), regional structural folding, gravity sliding on depositional slopes, etc. Data are used to correct sedimentary dips (e.g. cross bedding dips) for present day structural dip so that reliable paleo-current directions can be determined for selected reservoir intervals.


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