Montsec Geoscience was founded in 2011 by Frans de Reuver, an MSc. graduate from Leiden University in The Netherlands. He has some 25+ years of experience working in various positions in the oil & gas industry. In his current work as borehole image log specialist he is applying his skills and extensive experience that he developed previously as a sedimentologist/reservoir petrographer in core-based reservoir description studies. These provide him a solid basis for the analysis and interpretation of borehole images and integration with core, wireline logs, petrophysical and seismic data. His experience in core-based studies covers a wide range of depositional settings, geological ages and geographical regions. Although he has a strong background in sedimentological analysis, through his work as borehole image log interpreter he also developed skills in structural analysis, fracture analysis and in-situ stress analysis. He has taken a keen interest in geomechanics and how image log data can help in determining and constraining the orientations and magnitudes of the three principal in-situ stress components. Knowledge of these parameters is important in many aspects of exploration and development.

Recent projects as a borehole interpretation consultant include single and multi-wells studies in a mixed clastic/carbonate succession (25+ wells, Onshore Egypt), fracture studies in carbonates (Kurdistan and Libya), deep water clastics (Offshore W. Africa), tight gas in Colorado, unconventionals in the Permian Basin, and a number of projects in the Dutch and Danish Offshore.

Montsec Geoscience works with other consultancies and or experts in related fields (e.g. petrophysical evaluation, structural geology and geomechanics) to complement his capabilities and to execute integrated studies. He has access to additional borehole image log interpretation capacity to handle larger image log interpretation projects.

He is a member of the AAPG, EAGE, PESGB, KNGMG, PGK and alumni association LGV (Leidse Geologen Vereniging).

Montsec Geoscience works with the following companies/consultants:

Technical Petroleum Services
Cairo - Houston - Doha - Muscat
MENA Region largest Independent petroleum engineering and geoscience data services and consulting organization.
Denali Formation Evaluation Services
Denali Formation Evaluation Services is a service company specialized in formation evaluation of E-Logs, logging operation, data quality check and assurance, exploration and development petrophysics and complete evaluation studies. We have extensive experience in petrophysical interpretation of wireline and LWD logs globally. We developed a great experience in the Middle East, Egypt, Netherlands, Denmark and Norway. Denali is just one click away for your gate to quantitative formation evaluation.
Enlighten Geoscience Ltd
ENLIGHTEN GEOSCIENCE is our preferred partner to provide geomechanical studies to our clients. ENLIGHTEN strives to solve its customers' geoscience problems by doing the highest quality technical work possible, making their work understandable, and interacting with their customers with honesty, integrity and kindness. They have experts with decades of experience in GEOLOGY and GEOMECHANICS, and their associates bring additional capabilities in complimentary areas such as geochemistry and petrophysics.
Goodall Geoscience
Borehole Image Data Processing and Interpretation Services
Goodall Geoscience Ltd provides Borehole Image Data Processing and Interpretation Services and is a preferred collaboration partner of Montsec Geoscience to take on larger projects and provide complementary capabilities
4Dgeo Structural Geology
Consulting and Training
4DGeo delivers structural geological framework models and analysis to the geo-resources industry, including petroleum, minerals and geothermal energy
Resource Technology Network
The Resource Technology Network ("RTN") is a unique global Consulting Network, offering independent Subsurface, Wells and Facilities Advice, Services, Training and Business Support, as well as innovative Technology Ideas and Technology Developments. The company is unique in that it has created a global Network of independent and highly- and diversely-skilled Consultants, who provide both broad and detailed technical, commercial and strategic advice to clients.
Argo Geological Conultants
Argo Geological Consultants offer a wide range of Geoscientific Services, which are available in the form of the secondment of our staff to the hydrocarbon and geothermal industry. Since our establishment in 1987, we have gained expertise in an extensive range of E&P techniques currently applied at major oil companies. Argo can offer you the services of geoscientists with the experience, expertise and skills needed in fields as diverse as seismic interpretation, stratigraphic prediction, reservoir modelling and evaluation, prospect review, geoscience data management, etc.
TerraStation Software
TERRASCIENCES is a provider of oil and gas exploration software, specializing in the needs of petrophysicists, geologists, and other earth science professionals. In particular we supply one of the premier borehole imaging and petrophysical analysis packages as part of the TerraStation suite of software.